The Main Drag

This experience chisels away at Broken Hill’s tough mining exterior to reveal its fabulous side with an exclusive live Drag Queen performance, full of music, glitz and glamour.

In 1994, the Australian film industry thrust the Silver City on to the silver screen with the release of the movie ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’.

‘Priscilla’ became a high-camp cult classic, securing Broken Hill’s movie credentials and creating a local attraction of the iconic Palace Hotel located on the town’s main drag.

The Palace Hotel is unique in its own right and well worth the visit . Why not join our local blokes this evening, who will transform into your inimitable Drag Queens, Shelita Buffet and Christina Knees-Up, for a little brassy and highly entertaining performance.



Platinum and Gold Service guests

Included in your fare

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